Institute of the North

Client: Institute of the North
Completed: March, 2011
Categories: CMS, Custom Development, Design, ExpressionEngine, jQuery, Redesign,

The Institute was looking for a company to redesign their old site and bring a large set of functionality to them. One of their main goals was to get off of an archaic custom content management system that was source of frustration for all of them. They had a fairly large wish list full of challenges I was willing to tackle including a formbuilder, conference registrations and payments. In addition to new functionality, they wanted a total redesign and had a few ideas of their own on style. I worked with the Institute alongside my project manager, David to successfully create a layout that focuses on their content and is a breeze to navigate. the layout is based on a 16 column grid and is a modified version of

One major request from the client was a way to conference registrations. There are several registration apps out there and we considered a few of them but in then end we decided we would try to make this as integrated into EE as possible to limit the number of sites they would need to use. We decided that he would build a new extension for Freeform to allow integration with a few payment gateways. This extension is called Freeform payments and allows you to do exactly that, take payments from from Freeform. The form only submits when the payment is accepted from so you don’t have incomplete forms added to Freeform. Freeform payments automatically adds in the payment fields and keeps them separate from Freeform so you’re not storing CC info in your database. It’s a sweet extension. So with the payments figured out, we needed to make it possible for the client to create forms. this has been done before by smart people like Trevor Davis ( and made possible by Playa & Matrix by Pixel and Tonic, Adam Wiggall’s Field Builder plugin, and some some relatively simple but smart template code. Once the client builds a form they can use Playa on any page to relate it to that page and it will show up. So now the client can build a registration form creating any fields they want, add a price or several price options and save it. Next they add a calendar event (Solspace Calendar) and on the entry page they can relate their new form to the event. Finally, a user sees the event and can register and pay for the event right there. Boom!

This site has been show-cased on Show-EE, an ExpressionEngine website gallery

Institute of the North
Institute of the North
Institute of the North
Institute of the North

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