Green Point Accounting

Client: Green Point, LLC
Completed: February, 2010
Categories: Branding, CMS, Custom Development, ExpressionEngine, Redesign,

It's always great when a client comes to us saying that they think their website is hideous so you don't have to beat around the bush:)

Lori from Green Point Accounting realized it was time to hire a professional to make sure her website's design and functionality mirrored her own professionalism. In addition to a total overhaul, she wanted to rebrand and incorporate a new logo on business cards and letterhead. Due to scheduling conflicts, we were unable to fit in the logo and print materials so we turned to our good friend, Jenevieve of Blackbird Creative who came up with the new logo.

Lori was very trusting and gave us just some rough guidelines on what she wanted so we went to work and came back to her with a winning mockup. We implemented ExpressionEngine (of course!) so she could easily manage the content but also so she could have a solid framework for later growth. One special feature she needed was a private client section so she could provide documents to her clients without having to email them since new tax laws make that illegal. We built the client section functionality with ExpressionEngine so she can easily add new clients and upload documents that only they can see and only when logged in. All in all, another wonderful client and great project.

Green Point Accounting
Green Point Accounting

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