Cameron Moll Colosseo iPad Martian Giveaway

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In an attempt to win an iPad I had a few hours of fun coming up with an over-the-top entry into Cameron Moll's 2nd of 3 iPad giveaways, the Cameron Moll Colosseo iPad Martian Giveaway.

The site, which launched this evening, is to promote the Colosseo Typographic poster Cameron recently released. I absolutely love it and ordered one as soon as they went on sale. I think it'll compliment my other piece from Cameron, the Salt Lake City LDS Temple letterpress released a while back .

There's nothing extraordinary about the site in general but it does make use of standards compliant, old-skool XHTML and some fancy-pants CSS3 for good measure. I opted to spice up the typography with Cufon so I can have my cake and it eat too. The design, I hope, takes a few cues from Cameron's own style however, I wouldn't go so far as to say it's as nearly as good as his work.

I had fun and in record time (for me) came up with something I'm relatively happy with from scratch. Enjoy!

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