A new brand, a new website

It's been a long and slow process but we are live and we are all new! In addition to the website we have a new logo and a new domain name, all of which were specifically chosen to strengthen the brand. We think it's a success.

The redesign process initially began in January of 'oh nine' and after half a dozen dramatically different revisions, inspiration finally struck and the design finally began to take shape. Happiness (or at least contentment) was close at hand. Redesigning your own site can be a stressful undertaking because as a designer, it's easy to be too hard on yourself and not be content with your own design. I think it is much easier to please a client every time. Well, except for that client. Anyhow, this design was no different but as often is the case, the end result is something lovely and it seems that those hard-earned designs give you a little more satisfaction.

It's important to know your strengths and weaknesses. This holds true for design as well and as such, I chose to find a logo designer to come up with an idea for a new logo to help solidify the Dreamtime brand. We are great at designing websites and programming applications but logo design is not our forte and since this was a personal project, it would have been a nightmare. However, thanks to the many connections made through Twitter, I contracted Josiah Jost of Siah Design based on a recommendation. We communicated over email and after a few exchanges he had the information he needed to begin. In less than a week he had provided several concepts and the the Dreamtime logo was born. I love the sheep! A special thanks to Josiah for helping us out.

This is a fun and exciting time at Dreamtime. We've got the best clients, and we get to work on some really fun projects designing great websites and useful web applications. Thank you to all who've helped us get this far!

reader comments


I don’t know what you site looked like before, but your current site is great. Very clean and to-the-point. The logo is so creative. Nice site!

  • Posted By Adam
  • November 19th, 2009

Thanks, Adam. That’s a good point, I should put a screenshot of the old site. Your site is also excellent, by the way!

  • Posted By Jeff Claeson
  • November 19th, 2009

I’d love to see what the original looked like also but I definitely love the new look!


Ok, I guess I better get a screen shot of the old design up. I meant to do that anyway.

  • Posted By Jeff Claeson
  • November 22nd, 2009

The new logo looks great. As a veteran copywriter, I like your tag line also. The Web site looks great too. As Web site designers, it’s important to have a great looking Web site.

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