25 ExpressionEngine Developers and Users to Follow on Twitter

There's no doubt the ExpressionEngine community is one of the best there is. It's full of friendly, helpful designers and developers. Whether you're new to EE, new to Twitter or both, the following list is a great place to start if you'd like to follow and stay up to date with some great EE users and developers.

  • Leslie Camacho

    President of EllisLab and genuinely nice guy. Get the info from the source.

  • Derek Allard

    Technology Architect at EllisLab. 'Nuff said.

  • Brandon Kelly

    Brandon is an ExpressionEngine add-on developer and 'EE Famous' for developing such extensions as Playa 2, FieldFrame and Wygwam. I had the opportunity to meet Brandon at the 2009 EE Roadshow and can say that he's much friendlier and more approachable in person than he's given credit for.

  • Ryan Irelan

    Ryan needs no introduction. He runs EE Insider, produces the very helpful EE Screencasts (Twitter) as well as co-hosts the EE Podcast. Ryan also mediates the EE Helpchat each Wednesday night.

  • Ryan Masuga

    Ryan is the owner of Masuga Design and is also the creator of devot-ee (Twitter), the most extensive collection of EE add-ons anywhere. He's also an EE add-on developer in his own right. I had hoped to talk with Ryan at the EE Roadshow to see if he was as sour in person as he seems to be in Twitter but had to leave early. I guess I'll never know.

  • Kenny Meyers

    I'm pretty sure Kenny's only real association with EE is that he has a secret man-crush on Ryan Irelan but I felt I should include him anyway. Kenny writes for EE-Insider on occasion and can be found in the EE-Help Chat on Wednesdays. He is also trying to bring sexy back over at Happy Magic Fun Time, his blog. To stay abreast of Kenny's twitterings, just search for the hash tag #ryansmom

  • Leevi Graham

    Leevi is another prolific EE add-on developer responsible for such gems as LG Polls, LG Better Meta and LG Add Sitename to name but a few. He runs Newism, a web design and development company in Australia.

  • Michael Boyink

    Michael is the brains behind Train-EE, a site dedicated to helping others learn ExpressionEngine.

  • Travis Schmeisser

    We have Travis to thank for the wonderful module, Structure. If you haven't used this module yet, you are potentially missing out. I hear that even Ryan Irelan tried it once.

  • Marcus Neto

    Though I haven't met Marcus yet, I consider him a friend. Marcus runs EE Templates where he creates template themes specifically for ExpressionEngine. I hear he also takes pictures or something.

  • Travis Smith

    Travis is the owner of Hop Studios and has been developing EE add-ons for several years most recently releasing Deeploy Helper, a handy extension aimed at making your life easier as a developer.

  • Simon Collison

    Simon is a web designer, author and co-founder of Erskine Design and has been building sites with EE for a few years now. Simon champions EE with his internet stardom.

  • Kevin Shoesmith

    I met Kevin at the EE Roadshow, which he helped organize, and learned that he is really into music. He runs Factory Interactive, a design company catering to the music and magazine industry.

  • Lea Alcantara

    Lea runs Lealea Design based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and recently organized the first Edmonton EE Meetup.

  • Jason Hudnutt

    Jason actually works for the Coast Guard full time(!) but is an experienced developer and knows way too much about using Git with EE. In his free time he runs Invoked Projects. For kicks, ask him how much he loves speaking in front of a crowd.

  • Jack McDade

    Jack is a self-proclaimed "Jack-of-all-trades" and in addition to working at an agency in New York, works with Travis Schmeisser on Structure as well as several other extensions.

  • Tom Jaeger

    Tom is an EE developer and the other half of SmoothFunction. Tom is a great guy and and quick to answer EE related questions.

  • Leslie Flinger

    Wife, mom, developer, nerd coffee junkie. Did I say nerd already? Leslie runs Catapult Web Development north of Seattle, WA. Warning: She tweets compulsively!

  • Steven Hambo

    Owner of Hambo Development. Steven builds sites with EE and knows his stuff.

  • Mark Huot

    Mark has been around the EE block but we're pretty sure he's got more game in him. You can thank Mark for several EE add-ons such as the infamous File extension. Mark works for Happy Cog East.

  • Jonathan Longnecker

    Jonathan Longnecker is the co-founder of FortySeven Media - a 'kick awesome' design firm. He is fanatical about details and knows a thing or two about rapid development with EE.

  • Sean Smith

    I don't know much about Sean except that he's friendly and an active EE forum user and EE Twitter-er.

  • Jason Clewell

    Jason is an EE-obsessed web designer. Seems to be a lot of those.

  • Iain Urquhart

    Iain runs a small design company in New Zealand (lucky!) and has years of experience with EE.

  • Adam Wiggall

    Adam is a photographer and ExpressionEngine developer with skills Marcus Neto can only hope to aquire.

Of course there are probably hundreds of EE users on Twitter so this is by no means an exhaustive list, rather it's a list of some of the more active EE users I follow. I'm Jeff Claeson, and I run Dreamtime. Introduce yourself in the comments below and I'll do my best to add them to this list.

reader comments


Flippin hilarious. Ryansmom. Love the bio for Adam! I’m still trying to get some skillz. Maybe someone will have some for sale at s sxsw?


I assure you, the man crush is on Derek Allard. The spite is custom-tailored for Ryan Irelan. Either way, thank you.


sweet website! very clean.
and of course built using an excellent CMS!


Thanks. This post was obviously tongue-in-cheek and was fun to write. hope you find it useful.

  • Posted By Jeff Claeson
  • October 25th, 2009

Thanks for including me in the post! Public speaking is not fun, the beers after though is always fun!

Also, the new website is beautiful. Keep it up!


You “hoped to talk” with me? Seems like you managed to talk with everyone else at the EE Roadshow. Weak, Jeff…WEAK! Methinks you were scared. You can’t HANDLE the Masuga!

(was that sour enough?)


I was scared. Too scared to sit in the back with the cool kids :) Actually, I had just been introduced by Travis Shoesmith while I was on my way out the door just before your time onstage. I had to bolt early to catch my flight. Next time!

  • Posted By Jeff Claeson
  • October 25th, 2009

Well Boomerang is now defunct (bummer), but i’ve been with Travis on Structure now since pre-commercial 2.0, so that’s what i’ve been up to!


We work with design, marketing and development agencies to deliver fully functional ExpressionEngine sites.

Hambo still knows his stuff :)

  • Posted By Hambo
  • February 16th, 2010

I would wish I was on this list if I tweeted more often.  However, it is nice to see such a clean list of high quality tweeters of EE-related rantings.  Thanks for not making this a list of 100 or so people, but really taking time to highlight the cream of the crop.

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