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From beautifully designed web sites to full-fledged web applications, Dreamtime can make your project great.

Web Design

No other media has the power to reinforce your brand like the web, and no other media has the inherent potential to confuse. Effective websites address communication goals in ways which are easy to understand, easy to navigate and memorable to the user. We create the goodness that will get your message across to your client in just the right way. We are experts at organizing information in a way that not only looks amazing but makes sense and is easy to navigate. You'll love the way we create clean designs using contemporary and modern colors, typography and grids.

Web & Application Development

Building custom web solutions is where the fun begins. Whether it be a complex web form or a full-fledged web app, we can help. On most custom projects, we turn to CodeIgniter for an excellent starting point. It's an amazing framework that allows us to code complex applications with relative ease, saving both time and money. Let us know what ideas you've got and we'll tell you how they come come to fruition.

Content Management

You hear over and over again that fresh content is the key to a successful website. You can write new content all day long, but you don't want to go running back to your web design company every time you want to make a change. You certainly shouldn't need to have the skills of a web pro just to publish a new article or update a an existing page.

The content of your website changes often. Having a content management system in place cuts down on the time it takes to get new content up on your site.

We recommend several great CMS' and will most likely suggest ExpressionEngine. It's the bee's knees and is what this very site is built upon..

Print Design

We don't just make beautiful websites. We also design print materials like business cards, brochures, flyers and other marketing materials.


Ess-ee-oh. It's no secret that Search Engine Optimization is important to the findability of your site by search engines. What is more important is how easy it is for us humans to find it. We code websites to allow the content to be seen by search engines the best way it can; with a valid, clean structure free from unnecessary cruft. From there we help you develop content that is relevant, well written and makes sense to your audience. We don't involve ourselves in the witch-craftery (that's a word, right?) that so many SEO 'experts' offer and we don't recommend our clients do either.

Email Design

We've designed a LOT of email campaigns. We know what works and how to deliver results. Whether you need help getting a database of customers going or need an easy way to connect with those you already have, we can help. We use and recommend Mail Chimp.

Ok, let's get started! We do great work and we'd love to work with you. Click the button. You know you want to. hire us!